Building Success Stories

Owner Technical Representative

Sometimes you don’t need an entire construction management team to oversee your building project. Sometimes you just need to solve a specific issue during construction. In these instances, Skillman can provide experience and expertise for numerous construction requirements and technical systems, and we can drill down to specific issues to address them appropriately. As your technical representative, we can help you make good decisions that will pay back again and again.

  • Services Provided

    • Detailed estimates ensuring that funds are expended on the appropriate items and that the project stays within budget
    • Project strategies and contract development to manage a project in the most advantageous manner
    • Evaluation of design to make sure it addresses all concerns and needs
    • Assistance with the bidding process, which involves multiple bidders and maximum competition, resulting in the best value possible
    • Bid evaluation and recommendation by a team of estimators and construction professionals
    • Specific construction installations and inspections of building processes