For over 50 years, The Skillman Corporation has been providing construction services to a variety of clients. We’re fortunate to assist many cities, municipalities, and organizations with building projects which readily improve the fabric of their community.

From fitness centers and aquatic facilities to high school natatoriums, our team of experienced professionals can help make your vision for your community a reality.


Life cycle cost is a critical component of the pre-construction process. Balancing initial construction costs with long-term operational costs impacts the value proposition and is an area where we will have a lot of impact throughout the construction process.

With a strong history of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing estimating as well as facility auditing, our team has the experience to efficiently review plans, make recommendations, and know the short and long-term costs of each decision.


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In recent years, the aquatics & recreation industry has placed a high priority on the adoption of green, energy-efficient design and the use of sustainable materials. Our LEED-certified associates continue to develop better ways in which our construction services address sustainability and energy savings, resulting in the best return on your investment over the life of your building.